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T-Shirt Sale! - Philly Rockabilly

About T-Shirt Sale!

Previous Entry T-Shirt Sale! May. 4th, 2008 @ 11:06 am Next Entry
Get two shirts for $20!

I currently have three shirt styles for sale in my shop.. and I need to make room for new styles! If you ever wanted one my shirts, this is the time to get 'em! Can't decide on just one? Need some tees for the warm weather? You can't beat it - Keep them both for yourself or give one as a gift, it's up to you.

Take a look at my etsy listing for more info:

If you don't have an etsy account and/or don't want to sign up for etsy in order to get this deal, just say the word and we can arrange an order and payment through paypal or money order just between you and i.


This deal is good for a week or until one of the shirt styles is sold out - whichever comes first.
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