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Atlantic City Industrial Mayhem - Philly Rockabilly

About Atlantic City Industrial Mayhem

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Hosted By:
Sin Circus Entertainment
When: Friday May 18, 2007
at 11:00 PM
Club Worship/House of Blues
801 Boardwalk
Atlantic City, NJ 08400
United States
Sin Circus Presents "An Industrial FreakShow"

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Come one come all, freaks of all shapes and sizes, to the Greatest Show on Earth. No, not the famous B&B Circus, but that of Sin. Hand-crafted and designed with mischief in mind. Presented to you in the form of Mayhem. One night only! Live on stage we bring to you the Sin Circus! Oddities, Freaks, Sinister Clowns and an array of Devious Beauties!

There's a new circus in town, one that does not abide by the typical Big Top rules. Metalevolution.net in association with The House of Blues, Atlantic City bring forth the next step in vaudeville grotesque.

A Dedication: As some of you may know we lost a warrior this year. He was a friend and still is in spirit. The road to making the Sin Circus work has been a tough road. We have lost and gained so many great people along the way. The opening night of the Sin Circus is dedicated to the original host for the night. Mr Fil Thirteen. Hope we put a smile on your face Daddy O! This ones for you!


When: Friday, May 18th. 11pm - When ever the crowd stops dancing.
Where: 801 Boardwalk. Club Worship, The House of Blues in Atlantic City.
More Info at: Myspace.com/TheSinCircus


DJ Danzia: Spinning the best in industrial all night long!!

2 SHOWS!! The Spookshow Sideshow Featuring:
The Evo Angels Burlesque Show: Featuring the
7 Deadly Sins
The Zombie King with guests the NecroClowns
Baby Longbottom (Will not be there!!!)
Bettie The Hut (400lbs of Bearded Beauty)
An array of Devious Beauties!
Tatyana The UnEscaped Artist
Mrs. Mister

MORE ACTS TO COME!!! If you are an entertainer and would like to join the show, please visit Sin Circus Myspace Page.

Visit DJ Danzia online!!

Make sure to Visit the Birth Place of the Sin Circus..
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