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viva las vegas! - Philly Rockabilly

About viva las vegas!

Previous Entry viva las vegas! Jan. 2nd, 2007 @ 06:24 am Next Entry
hey phillybilly folks... i'm thinking of going to "viva las vegas" this year for the first time. have any of you been before? are the bands good? is it worth the trip?

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Date:January 14th, 2007 08:10 pm (UTC)

VLV Virgin

Hey I am thinking of going this year too, I'll be going stag so I'd love to meet other people who want to go, make friends before hand etc and all. Feel free to email me at BettiePudge@gmail.com
Date:February 16th, 2007 09:43 pm (UTC)
Only the Meteors are....
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